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Samsung 18650 Battery

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The Authentic Samsung 18650 25R 2500mAh 20A battery has long lasting life and high capacity. One of the best battery with proven test.

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In Samsung 18650 battery you need a charger. This fresh Samsung 18650 battery uk is supplied by Vape and Juice. We have your return with Genuine, Samsung 25r batteries of high quality 2500mah. Stay safe and vape up. Stay safe. The batteries from Samsung 25r operate in vape kits requiring 18650 battery cells. We would like to inform you that Samsung does not want you to use this.

It is just an expression that Samsung 25r batteries power most of the vape kits on the world market and have to power any vape kits that need a battery of Samsung 18650 battery.

One of the best batteries ever manufactured in 18,650 is the Samsung 25R 18650 battery which is 2500 mAh. It carries heavy current loads (max. 20A continuous release) and is capable of handling 2500mAh. As such for many sectors, this has been a go-to-cell. The 25R2 (black) is now recognized as a new cell, the 25R5 (green), which was published in early 2015.

Safety, Storage, and disposal of Samsung 18650 Battery

  • Often use a Li-ION cell rated battery charger
  • Batteries can never be left unattended for charging
  • Never lose batteries in the bag or pocket (use case provided)
  • However, after 2 years – whatever the initial battery – a battery has to be replaced.
  • Never use a bent PVC wrap on a charger.
  • Never unload batteries absolutely
  • Should not subject themselves to excessive heat


In contact with vape vendors, Samsung 18650 battery uk recently announced that it does not want its products in vape kits.

It is for us to remind Samsung that it has not produced, assembled, endorsed, or otherwise certified these goods for use by the customer, the Office of Product Safety and Standards in the UK. You are naturally free to use a product as you see fit, but we propose that in view of Samsung’s stance we make the following comment.


How long does it take to charge a Samsung 18650 battery?

The Samsung 18650 battery uk charging time is one of the most amazing methods of measuring the battery health. The loading time ought to be consistent. The first warning you should consider changing a battery is normally longer charging times. Typically, a Samsung 18650 battery uk with a separate charger can be charged for around 4 hours. It will take approximately three hours if you use a Micro USB adapter. However, it should be warned that even with a new battery, there can be some minor difference in charge times.

After a few days using the charger, you need a good estimate of how long it takes to charge. If the battery gets older, charging takes longer and the charging capacity in uses decreases.

1 review for Samsung 18650 Battery

  1. Julian (verified owner)

    Good quality.

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

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