Smok has been a recognition for being one of the world’s leading vapor hardware manufacturers. Here at fruityvapes, all of the top brands and bestsellers from Smok are completely stocked, which, combined with our professional expertise, immediately increase the value of your e-cigarette configuration and more delightful vape experience. The consistent creation of innovative, high-performance products makes Smok vape a favorite among all vapes, for design, shape, and potential. Smok Vape device companies around the world followed suit quickly and created a legion of products with similar minds that reflect the design and functionality of Smok Vape. The Novo 2 is currently the best SMOK vape available on fruityvapes. A small portable pod vapes packed with a punch. Smok vapes are the ultimate super versatile vapes available that are smooth and easy to use with a wide variety of coils. Smok Nord is a button-controlling pod system device that has been recently designed. It has an output of 1100mAh, very large in vape pods. System devices, making it a strong one! It has two exclusive coils, Smok Nord Mesh 0.6 ohm to be used as standard and Smok Nord regular. 1.4-ohm coil, one is perfect for massive smok vape, while the other has a very good experience with MTL. It is also perfect for your taste. Keep a newly added button in your hand to start the battery vape and provide information on battery life. All for your convenience, on the pod! Innovation continues to transform the vape experience.

How to change coil on smok?
1: Expose the Coil: Dispose the tank from the vape body to reveal the middle coil. Remove from the bottom the top part of the tank to open the tank and reveal the coil. This is better to achieve with a dry tank, but a towel is used to minimize the chaos and keep juice from touching your hands.

2: Empty the Tank: Pour the juice into the trash if you already have juice in your tank. It is best to replace the coil in the tank with the smallest possible old juice.

3:Unscrew the coil: The smok coil in the middle of the tank, known as the “atomizer head.” This can be added to the top or bottom of your tank depending on your device. Turn the coil backward before it gets off. With a little paper towel, the hands will be smooth, and slide prevented as you catch the coil. And this is it, now you are ready for your new coil to be mounted.

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Showing 1–16 of 31 results