Innokin UK is recognized as premium vape manufacturers, established in 2011. Innokin vapes was designed and technologically patented and trusted for producing highly-functioning, efficient and durable vape kits worldwide. They continue to design and manufacture innokin vape coils that can be used in vapes at all levels of expertise, with vape starter kits and pods with an extended life and stable efficiency for maximum outcomes.
The wide range of Innokin coils are classified as high specifications and consistent quality so that any time you replace them an exact flavor from your e-liquid of choice is produced. Available to further adapt your innokin vape according to your tastes and style in various resistances. Innokin vape coils are of unbelievable value and take some time to reduce the taste. Innokin vape coils are exclusively intended for use in specific Innokin tank. No other vape coil that is not intended for the device should be used.

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