The wide range of Innokin coils are classified as high specifications and consistent quality so that any time you replace them an exact flavor from your e-liquid of choice is produced. Available to further adapt your innokin vape according to your tastes and style in various resistances. Innokin vape coils are of unbelievable value and take some time to reduce the taste. Innokin vape coils are exclusively intended for use in specific Innokin tank. No other vape coil that is not intended for the device should be used.

Innokin uk devices are very popular with new vape because they are usually easy-to-use. Some of them have MTL, while most have DTL. MTL means lung to mouth, even like like smoking, whereas DTL is larger clouds. There are various kinds of Innokin vape kits for high VG and high PG. You must make sure you choose the correct version for your package before you buy innokin vape coils.

How long do innokin coils last?

Like other vape coils, Innokin coils can last for heavy users for about one and two weeks. Expect the period to stretch to more than a month if you consider yourself as a light vaper. Whatever the case, proper coil maintenance and intermediate care will prolong their service life and will help keep the innokin vapes cost down, so make that part of your daily routine.

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Showing all 2 results