Pukka Juice

Discover Pukka Juice Blaze range of nicotine salt e-liquids, which take popular flavors from the Pukka Juice range and blend them with nicotine salts. This delivery system produces a smoother throat hit and a more noticeable kick of nicotine than traditional e-liquid. Pukka Juice Blaze e liquids are a premium range of e liquids manufactured in the UK. These flavorful e liquids feature a medley of fruit flavors, beverage blends, and dessert-style tastes, delivering an excellent range. Each flavor in this range comes in 50ml shortfill bottles, features a VG ratio of 70%, making them perfect for sub-ohm use, and contains 0mg nicotine. 

Using high-quality ingredients that are blended with care and skill, Pukka Juice Blaze uses only the highest quality bases and flavoring to create a product that is smooth and satisfying. These e liquids deliver a perfect balance of flavor and vapor to give you a fantastic vaping experience with every vape. Only the best ingredients have been used to create these flavors, giving you a great vape from start to finish. To produce a vast array of flavors, Pukka Juice Blaze utilizes UK-made pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and fragrance oils to make their exceptional range.

Flavors of Pukka juice

Mango: An exotic mango experience that will whisk you away!

Blaze: A bursting blend of sweet blueberries and raspberries with a touch of cooling menthol.

Rainbow Blaze: Pukka has taken the raspberry and blueberry icy coolness of the original blaze and thrown in some of your favorite rainbow fruit candy!

Summer Fruits: A sweet blend of summer fruits and a touch of lime.

Berry Blaze: Pukka Juice Berry Blaze is the great taste of Pukka Juice original Blaze with every more berry!

Tropical: A tropical medley of kiwi, passionfruit, and watermelon that will dance on your tongue!

Black Current: An authentic blackcurrant flavor with just a hint of sweet lime!

Lime Lemonade: A refreshing lemonade blended with the sweetest of limes!

Dew:  Pukka Juice has made their interpretation of a well-known green soda!

Pukka Blaze: A bursting blend of sweet blueberries and raspberries but, without the menthol of the original!

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Showing all 10 results