The original range of Naked juice 100 vape liquids was the first to be created and within this range was the most well-known flavor, the famous blue raspberry flavor. The other flavors of Naked UK that have been created since then have gained legendary status in the vaping world and are amongst some of the most consistently best-selling flavors you can find on sale right now. For something refreshing, delicious, and taking for all-day vape juice, Naked 100 has you covered. 

Our vast range of quality Naked Vape juice e-liquids is perfect for the consumer looking for a high VG liquid that produces large amounts of vapor. Available in 3mg nicotine strengths in 50ml short fills, there are no compromises on flavor or vapor production with these Naked juice liquids.

We have the most tempted flavors available here at fruity vapes. 

All Melon

Get the sweet and satisfying day Naked vape juice you are looking for with these All Melon Shortfills by Naked UK 100. All products from this line of e-liquid Shortfills are 50ml e-liquid bottles that are made in the UK. This e-liquid brand is from the Naked juice UK 100 range, a line of various fruity flavors. These Watermelon smoothies are blended with creamy cantaloupe and infused with honeydew melon to create a mouthwatering, refreshing vape that you will enjoy time and time again!

Berry Lush

Berry Lush Naked vape juice combines the sweet, succulent fruit flavors of ripe strawberries and tropical pineapple topped with whipped cream for a deliciously smooth vape. Naked 100 Cream Series remain classic favorites. The Berry Lush Shortfills is a unique blend of creamy vanilla and berries, which will fill your taste buds with its zesty aroma.

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Showing all 2 results