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Smoking vs Vaping


While studies into the pros and cons of vaping to quit smoking are still rather thin on the ground, one British study did come up with some promising results.

At the end of the study, more people in the vaping control group had stopped smoking than those using other nicotine replacement measures. Also, coughing and phlegm production was greatly reduced in those who smoked vapes. More so than in the other control groups.

Judging from these results, it looks like replacing cigarettes with vaping does have health benefits, plus there’s a chance you’ll quit altogether.

Don’t Continue Smoking

At present, researchers don’t know much about the long-term side effects of vaping. Combining the two is a definite no-no.

Set yourself targets for decreasing your nicotine intake. Taking up vaping and then continuing to do so forever, defeats the object. Work towards a zero-nicotine goal over time.

Will switching from cigarettes to vape help you stop smoking? It’s up to you. Until we have results from further studies.

If that’s enough for you, it’s worth a shot

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