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V Drops

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VDrops 100ml is a short fill range of the most popular flavour such as Menthol Breeze, Black Jack and their take on Heisenberg (Ice Berg). … Now with 4 New flavours. Blueberry, Cherry, Traditional Tobacco, and Wild Berry.

V drops range is now all compliant with TPD laws for UK and Europe and like always we guarantee you best of vape for starter and medium level users with 50-50 blend in it .

V Drops E-liquid 100ml 50VG 50PG

V Drops 100ml ELiquid’s lend themselves kindly to anyone looking for a … a less addicting experience 

V Drops E-liquid 50ml 80VG 20PG

 A delicious blend of sweet aniseed and liquorice

V Drops Salt 10ml 50VG 50PG

Pod Salt replicates the nicotine salts found naturally in tobacco leaves, to produce a perfectly smooth experience with minimal throat irritation.

V Drops E-liquid 10ml 50VG 50PG