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The Pancake House

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E-liquid 100ml 80VG 20PG

Thanks to Göst Vapors, you can wake up every morning and start your day the right way with The Pancake House e-Liquid collection. French Vanilla Stacks is eJuice Direct’s best-selling e-juice from this fantastic brand, and this incredible rendition of a creamy glass of milk with a side of luscious French vanilla pancakes will put a sweet smile on anyone’s face, even if you’re not a morning person. With a motto like “lift your spirit,” you can be sure that any Göst Vapors product will help you have a happier day. It’s blue skies ahead thanks to eJuice Direct and The Pancake House collection by Göst Vapors!

The Pancake House E-Liquid 80VG 20PG

For The Pancake House, Gost Vapor came up with an exquisite pancake flavor as a base.