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Have you ever been unimpressed by your e-liquid, then picked it apart looking for flavors in the hopes that you might be able to produce something special but just failed? Double Drip e liquid has figured out how to make every vape possible better. They offer their Double Drip e-liquid in 50ml short fill bottles so you can enjoy a significant amount of flavor at a time without wasting any of it.

Double uk Drip E-liquid is a new e-liquid manufacturer that has expanded its range of tasty e-liquids. Their new range of e-liquid contains flavors such as sherbets, tarts, cheeses, and more. This brand-new e-liquid manufacturer has also introduced their unique Double Drip e liquid 60ml pod system which allows for a concentrated blend of e-liquid to be much easier for vapers to vape than before. Double Drip Sauce is the juice for you. It features a concentration ratio of 80% VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and 20% Mixed PG (Propylene Glycol) and high-quality food flavorings. With vapers, that component consists of the subtle flavorings that make up Double Drip e liquid Coil Sauce, as well as the wonderful products that Double Drip has to offer. This produces a smooth, powerful, and tasteful vape that will leave you reaching for another bottle!

DOUBLE DRIP E-liquid 50ml 70VG 30PG

This is an 80% VG e-liquid, perfect for large cloud creation without diminishing flavour when used with a sub ohm vape kit or tank.
Double Drip is mixed and bottled in the UK, their range has a focus on sweet tastes and fruity flavour notes.