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Vape Breakfast Classics


Breakfast isn’t just for the morning anymore, as Vape Breakfast Classics amply demonstrates. Offering premium Vape Breakfast e-liquid flavors derived from breakfast classics, the range includes a rich and creamy French Toast, rich and nutty Praline Coffee, fruity and refreshing Mango Sunrise, Hot Pancakes with a dollop of fresh cream and sweet jam. And if that wasn’t enough to get your juices flowing you can check out the elite selection of Pancake Man e-liquids, which are amongst the most sought after in today’s market.

A UK-based business, Vape Breakfast Classics was launched in 2017, to help fill the gap in the market for high-quality breakfast flavored e juices. How could they have resisted? As with all of their Vape Breakfast Classics e liquid, you can expect high levels of quality and flavor accuracy, served up in 120ml short fill bottles. Giving you a rich and savory experience, each one of their juices provides the perfect way to kick-start your morning or to just indulge in some flavored-based nostalgia. Choose from the selection below including Doughnut, Pancake, and Toffee Apple Breakfast flavors amongst others. Ranging from all classics to the loved classics, Vape Breakfast Classics has the perfect juice for your breakfast time vape sessions. Available in a 70/30 VG/PG blend, these juices come in child-resistant tamper-proof seals and are offered at a variety of nicotine levels.

With 14 tasty flavors from Vape Breakfast Classics e liquid available as Limited Editions and Premier Range juices, you have everything you need to satisfy your palette and keep your taste buds dancing!

Vape Breakfast Classics E-liquid 100ml 80VG 20PG

Vape Breakfast Classics E Liquid | 100ml Short Fill – No breakfast is more simple, delightful and flat-out decadent than a tall stack of freshly made pancakes. Breakfast Classics starts with a traditional pancake flavour and adds an assortment of freshly sliced fruits including banana, peach and raspberry. Fruiy and sweet, this e-liquid truly tastes like a breakfast classic in a bottle.
The mix is 80% VG / 20% PG.
This is Zero Nicotine E-Liquid.