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Big Bottles


Big Bottle e-liquid is available in 60 ml cups, 50 ml of e-juice, and have 4 different flavors – all slushies, each with various mixtures of berries, fruit, citrus fruit, and saucepan (sorry, this one is actually not a slushie, but just the most awesome watermelon). They have unquestionable consistency and rich but not dominant tastes, manufactured in the UK in an ISO-grade cleanroom.

Our e-liquid big bottles Uk are perfectly blended to bring you the ultimate vaping experience. Now available in 120ml bottles, Big Bottle Co. is a premium e-juice brand that will surpass all of your expectations. Nicotine salt e-liquids are made by using a higher concentration of nicotine and adding .5% to 3% of the free-base form of nicotine. This variation allows for a smoother uptake of nicotine compared to traditional higher strength e-liquid big bottles in the UK. The result is a flavor that fills the mouth with flavor. The throat hit then follows, rather than an empty feeling in the mouth or throat that is common with traditional e-liquids that have higher nicotine content.

Big Bottle Co is a premium e juice line that has taken the vaping world by storm! Big bottles (E-liquids) are different from other big brands because they allow you to customize your flavor.

Big Bottles E-liquid 100ml 70VG 30PG

A wild blast of mixed berries in a refreshingly crisp limeade.

The mix is 70% VG / 30% PG.