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Baker’s Fog

baker fog

In 2017, Baker’s Fog e-liquid was launched, and we began selling their e-liquids with its concentrates because of its success. The liquids are built on decadent cakes and sweet foods, and they leave you craving more with a dynamic taste mix. You are certain that with 8 flavors, a sticky toffee pudding or an ice cream strawberries donut is held for a while on this brand. Give yourself the creamy orange Baker’s Fog e-liquid has to sell without any shame and steam. Baker’s Fog e-liquid.

Baker’s Fog e-liquid was baked to be vaporized by lovers of patisserie. This is a rather indulgent mixture, the finest in luxurious cake and pastry. The Baker’s Fog e-liquid Collection is the most common flavored fog in Vape Jam for Mango Tart in April and, more recently, the best dessert at Vaper Expo in Birmingham for Strawberry Mush. The Baker’s Fog e-liquid line has a ratio of 70VG/30PG and comes in 10ml bottles prepared to vapor and is also available as brief fills in 30mL and 120ml. The only thing to note is the 10ml-shaped, tentative flavors that vary from the 7 short flavors.

Baker’s Fog – E-Liquid

Strawberry , Blueberry, Raspberry by Baker’s Fog