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Aqua Vape


In 2014, Marina Vape launched a highly anticipated Aqua vape e-liquid to the market. The new refreshing kind of vapor, which was rapidly taken up by vapers all over, was a remarkably common style, which was quickly tried by many claiming the taste of their-day-vea (ADV). Their signature flavor, Pure, was particularly popular as you wanted to make it a refreshing, complex, and taste fruit medley flavor and smooth enough to not get stale all day. You can learn out about this epic Aqua vape e-liquid lineup by scrolling underneath the list, a perfect option for anyone who considers the current aromas too strong.

Aqua vape e-liquid, made by Marina Vapes, is a luxury exuice brand. Aqua vape e-liquid is the smooth, crisp, and refreshing straight line of fruit centered in Los Angeles, California. Aqua vape e-liquid combines a trio of fruits and blends them in one body watering savor: Strawberry Apple Watermelon, Peach Cantaloupe & Pineapple Guava Mango. The following selections are accessible. Aqua Vape e-liquid is the perfect option for these fruity palates, available in 60ml e-liquid bottles.

Aqua Vape E-liquid

E-liquids from the Aqua Vape at excellent value with exceptional service.

Aqua Vape is a perfect flavour for vapours who are fond of menthol finish. This sweet and sour flavour is a berrylicious treat topped with a chilling menthol. The fusion of berry goodness and cooling menthol with leave a tantalising effect in your mouth.